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Fall back down. Currently closing commissions.

Hey, ladies ^^ How have you been? Enjoying holidays? :)

As per usual, I've been terribly absent in updates due to the amount of works that I've had. I really should keep away from saying "yes" all the time :/ But I haven' t abandoned crafting - I just finished on my very first bridal set (it won't the "the dress", but a.. reception dress (?) of sorts :) I' m really unfamiliar with the marriage traditions in Israel :) ) and I'm hoping that the customer will like it (the set is on it's way to the owner and the wait is nerve-wracking as always). You can observe some of the WIP and detail photos on the facebook page.

I'll be closing commissioning for a while. I've noticed that it's really taking a toll on the shop, my future plans for it (do I hear prints?) and any other unfinished projects I have. It will be for indefinite time, not forever, but don't count on this year. I have ideas of semi-commissions that I may uptake, but let's leave guessing for the gypsies :)

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Feature, photoshoot and vacation! :)

I've once again been rather scarce with my updates, I'm terribly sorry :C I want to share my last couple of features (about which you might already know ^^;)
The classic ensemble from the "Gambler's night" event worn by actress Inita Dzelme:

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