Feature, photoshoot and vacation! :)

I've once again been rather scarce with my updates, I'm terribly sorry :C I want to share my last couple of features (about which you might already know ^^;)
The classic ensemble from the "Gambler's night" event worn by actress Inita Dzelme:

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edwardian lady

Eat Me Ink Me on stage??

Why hello there, my little peeps! I've been so horribly absent and I keep apologizing for it without too much improvement! ;_; I still love you and remember you every day of my life! <3 But in a way my absence is a good thing - means I've been keeping myself busy with all the new things!

At the dawn of the month I was offered two possibilities to highlight my work with the new artists is two very big events! I was (and still am!) very excited about this! One of the events has already taken place and Collapse )

Official facebook!

Hello, dears! <3
I'm finally done with my bone-breaker project of doom! It was a long and tough road with it, but I'd definitely do it again and do it better! Success is never easy :)

I'm updating here since I haven't in quite a while, but a lot of things have happened! I've listed new items (and there are more coming!) and I've finally braced myself to make an official facebook page for Eat Me Ink Me. If you're up at facebook, add me to stay up to date:

And also I'll be adding photos of finished projects, such as this marvel - Collapse )

Critical Mass and other bits and pieces

And now for something completely different! :D Just thought I'd share something non-EMIM related for a change. Last Saturday I took part in an event called the Critical Mass, which is pretty much a gathering of bicyclers and riding though the streets of the city, trying to point out the large numbers of bicyclers and the non-friendly environment for them within the city structure. It was lots of fun, though it was very windy and cold.
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