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Eat Me Ink Me photoshoot "ALBERTA"

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Hello, ladies and gents!
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I want to share a very dear project of mine that has finally reached it's full capacity - full photoshoot for my very first print called ALBERTA!
It's been a 4-year long project and with this photoshoot I can finally say it's at it's peak c:

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A little bit about the print
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Print features mashup of the amazing Art Nouveau style buildings here in Riga, Latvia (where I'm from). We have been said to be the "capital" of Art Nouveu architecture in Europe thanks to our gorgeous buildings, found especially on Albert's street (hence the title of the print) and all over the city and it's suburbs. I wanted to share this proud notion by making a tribute to our architectural legacy.

The print is a set of hand-drawn building facades, digitally colored, all loosely based on several actual buildings, but if you'd look for them here, you'd find bits and pieces of each of the buildings scattered all over the city, but none just like these.

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A little bit about why I chose the location that I did
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I originally planned to do it in the actual Albert's street location that inspired me, but the concept wasn't clicking for me. It took me over a year to figure out the perfect location for the print, because I'm apparently a perfection freak (and as we all know - perfection is rarely a possibility), so I procrastinated what actually was one of the main parts of the print presentation.

One day I was going through this exact location, which actually used to be a cemetary, but has now been turned into a park and it hit me! The click was there!

When I started with Alberta it was actually sort of a passive-agressive way for me to complain about the architectual situation here in Riga - we polish off and show the few better pearls we have and completely neglect the othe historical treasures we have. We have so many amazing Art Nouveau building all over Riga and even outside of it, but people rarely want to deal with the crumbling buildings, so it all slowly goes to ruin.. it's super sad, so I'd want to point it out and maybe people will think more about how to conserve these historical wonders and show tourists the ugly as well as the beautiful.

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Onto the actual photos!
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Thank you's
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♥ Photographer: Annija Pumpure
♥ Make up: Anita Intaite
she's also an amazing musician (https://www.facebook.com/AnitaIntaite)!
♥ Models:
Vivianna Stanislavska (https://www.facebook.com/viviannamaria.art?fref=ts)
Katrina Tomina
Endija Berzina

And a BIG THANKS to my supporters and followers! ♥ ♥ ♥

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