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Grinding ahead

Hey, ladies!
I'm really bad at keeping up with updates, but here's what's new...

For the past couple of years I've been chewing on the idea of living off of my craft and art. You know, like most people - daydreaming. And when I got layed off a while back, I saw it as a sort of "kick in the butt" to start doing rather than dreaming.
Anyway, during the last couple of months I've started gathering up the courage and confidence and rolling the ball to my own independence. It's a slow and (mentally) painful process. I have to tell myself my work is really worth it, since I question myself every day. I have to start to believe in myself and then I can fully say that you can believe in me, too.
I will get there. Eventually. c:

As for practical things. I've really pushed myself to clear up the Eat Me Ink Me message. To make it loud and clear.
What I really want is for people to feel beautiful and confident with themselves c:
I've had great help from my FaceBook followers with the new tagline:
Stories waiting to be sewn.
I love it! It's exactly how things come into reality at EMIM! Everybody and everything is waiting for their story to be told. I see myself as a sort of medium for some of these stories. My job is to make then as beautiful as I possibly can c:

Also, I recently got my business cards done! It all kind of hit reality once I did. I had cards before, but I printed those myself. I guess, when others do things like that for you, they seem a bit more special c:

Today I hit another small milestone - registered my own domain! Will have to work hard to make my webpage the most awesome thing out there! ^^ I will definitely update more about that.

Hope your dreams are coming along as well!
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