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New projects!

Hello, ladies!
I've been awfully scarce in my entries here, but I have to point out that the EMIM facebook page is up-to-date all the time! So please do add it, to make sure you get the latest tid-bits of the EMIM backstage c:

I also want to point out that I'll be holding a giveaway, when I hit 200 likes! I did one for the first hundred and I loved it! Sharing the loli love! ^^ <3
The first hundred had a Steampunk/Rococo theme, the 200-one will have a Gothic theme. I plan to do giveaways for each hundred and a BIG giveaway for the first thousand! I haven't decided what exactly it will be, but it's going to be custom-sized to your measurements. A skirt or maybe even a jsk! Will have to see what will be the latest design, when I hit 1000! ^^ Let's make it happen!

I just closed the Rococo set reserve and I was very amazed that I could actually manage to fill out all the spots for it! So happy! Went for material hunt today to get some pieces for the commissioned sets, now clearing up details and starting on them! So excited! I really hope I can pull off my finishing them all by the end of the week! You know why? c: Because I have new exciting designs on the way! ^^

Here's a bit of the next design I'm working on:

corset skirt

It's (again) a two-piece set of a chiffon skirt and matching corset with a printed frame on it.
I'm very excited since this will be my first printed design! The cameo frame on the corset will have a print made by me! I'll keep the contents of the print itself a secret until it's fully finished though! ^^

I also got a batch of materials for the design! It'll have burgundy, brown, navy and black base colors. I will make the frames in gold trim. I wanted to avoid using lace on this design to keep the costs lower and I nearly gave up on the idea of making it in chiffon! I might do special "deluxe" edition of this with "all the bells and whistles" c: There will be one version with Moitie blue details, but all in time ^^ Anyone craving an ivory colorway? c:

corset-skirt materials

This will be my next reserve item. I hope I can manage to finish it off by next week. I can't wait to see how it looks outside of my head!

Let me know what you think! ^^
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