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Rococo set reserve (till 26th August) CLOSED! Thank you!

I've finally come up with my first reserve item! I will be having this design up for grabs (skirt and vest):

(more photos and detail shots: http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.276439995795939.52732.120804944692779&type=1 )

Reserve time:
You can reserve/commission me this design till the end of the next week till 26th of August), later on these specific materials may not be available.

For a made-to-order set in your size - 150$ US + shipping (Europe 10-15$; US 10 - 20$ (depends on materials you choose)*)

I will make these items YOUR size c:

Making/shipping time:
I start making the items on the 27th of August and it will not take more than 3 weeks to complete. Shipping time depends on your location (Europe usually within 7 working days; USA - within 14*)

I have other wonderful fabrics available and can do solid colors upon request. Here's the available fabrics as for now:

1. Sage floral (vintage/recycled)
sage floral fabric

2. Ivory floral (vintage/recycled)
ivory floral fabric

3. Rococo print
rococo print blue fabric

4. Dusty blue floral (vintage/recycled) out of stock
dusty blue floral fabric

6. Cameo bouquet (vintage/recycled)
cameo bouquet fabric

I'll be using the same white lace with matching velvet (ribbon is subject to availability, I can use different ribbon, but I'll notify you about any changes!).

For the back lacing I will be making fabric loops instead of lace (unless I find perfect lace).

For secondary colors (front panels) I have (with suggested colorways):
1. dusty rose shade jacquard
dusty rose jacquard/dusty navy
dusty rose jacquard/pale blue

2. ivory shade jacquard out of stock
ivory jacquard

3. dark mustard shade jacquard (vintage)
dark mustard jacquard

4. Cognac jacquard (vintage)
cognac jacquard

I can acquire other colors upon request.

Open slots:
1. Gackt_Camui99 (Dusty navy + ivory jacquard)
2. Georgia (Dusty navy/green floral + ivory jacquard)
3. Cara (dusty navy + cognac jacquard)
4. Masa (?)

Leave a comment or e-mail me (eatmeinkme -> gmail) with what color combo would you prefer, your measurements (bust-waist-height in cm) and your Paypal info. For any questions don't hesitate to ask.

Thank you for visiting! ^^ <3

My policies and info: http://zeloco.livejournal.com/12234.html

* This is a rough estimate!
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