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Commission info and policies


I always put my customer's interest first. I will never sell an item that I wouldn't want wear myself. I make the pieces best quality I possibly can, photograph in as many angles possible, try to give the most detailed descriptions, wrap the items in best possible way (I also mostly use recycled packaging!), look for the best shipping method and make sure the customer is notified about everything. I highly suggest the customer to notify me when they receive the item, so I know everything is ok. I also always encourage them to ask questions about anything they might need. :)

For any questions, inquiries and feedback you can contact me via email: eatmeinkme (at) gmail (dot) com


1. Idea. You contact me with info on what you want in particular (or just give me a couple of pointers and we work on an original design. This is also a good time to let me know if there are any time restrictions and/or deadlines.
2. Materials. I usually think upfront about the available materials, but if I haven't then we adapt details to make the design work with what I can acquire.
3. Price/1st Payment. I calculate work price and rough materials price (if the materials are not available anymore, I will let you know). I take half of the items full cost up front (or just materials cost, if the price might come too high, I'm flexible c: ) and the materials cost being non-refundable if I have already bought the materials! Please make sure you're ok with this! I'm sorry I have to do this, but I have had clients back out and leave me hanging :/
I also make a rough estimate of shipping prices.
4. Starting on item. I get the materials and start on the item. I will be updating throughout the process and will probably be clearing up small details to make sure you get what you pay for :) I highly suggest letting me know if you can't answer swiftly (especially, if there's a deadline), since I work on commission in between my day job and try to manage my time, so that I can make them as fast as possible.
5. Finishing and 2nd payment. Once the items are finished, I send out photos of the finished garment and wait for your approval before I ship it out. If everything's ok, I calculate the shipping, add the second part of the payment and, once I receive the payment I ship it out asap.
6. Feedback. I highly suggest letting me know, that the items have arrived, so I be sure that they've reached you safely. If you wish we can exchange feedback on egl_feedback, your page (or Etsy, if we've made order though it).

♥♥♥Details and Policies ♥♥♥

♥ Designs: I can do next to any designs, but I prefer doing designs in lolita/neo-victorian/steampunk aesthetic.
♥ Materials: I mostly use vintage and/or recycled materials, but I also acquire new ones for specific commissions. You can ask for currently available vintage fabrics (That I have on hand)
♥ Payment: Preferred - PayPal ( will invoice you), for any other - please contact me (items are not shipped out until payment clears). I can do orders through Etsy, but Etsy fees apply (for both payments)
♥ Shipping: I ship all my packages priority A registered mail and mark them as "gift" unless you state you want otherwise. For insurance - contact me.
♥ Shipping time: Practice has shown, that for Europe shipping usually takes 7 working days; for USA - 14 working days; Australia - ~20 working days. Official times for overseas countries are 1 month, so if you haven't received your item by then - let me know!
♥ Taxes: I'm not responsible for taxes in your country, you should look into that before buying.
♥ Exchanging Feedback: I love to exchange feed-backs (egl or any other, if you wish), I also love to receive any sort of feedback/constructive criticism/suggestions, if you have any c:
♥ My feedback: etsy, ex-etsy, egl feedback
♥ Cancelling order: You can cancel your order if I haven't shipped it out yet. The materials cost is non-refundable, if I have already bought them.
♥ Refunds: I don't do refunds for custom-made items unless there's something horribly wrong with it. If you want me to take it back, you'll have to ship the item to me (you pay for shipping) and I'll refund you the full item's price (excluding shipping!), if I can mend whatever is wrong with it - you ship the item back to me (you pay for shipping) and I re-ship it out after I'm done (I pay for the shipping).

♥♥♥ Reviews on items ♥♥♥

♥ Forest Fairy chiffon skirt by Bookish Beauty blog: http://bookish-beauty.blogspot.com/2012/08/product-review-eat-me-ink-me.html
Overall Score: 9.75/10

♥♥♥ Warning notes ♥♥♥

● All pieces are made in smoke-free environment. But I do own a cat, so beware if you have allergies
● Colors might vary from your monitor settings, if you're unsure of the colors - email me
● Please read all the information on the items and materials before buying. I can't negotiate exchange because you misinterpret the description. If something's unclear - I'm more than willing to answer all questions
● I'm not responsible for missing packages (I do try and help to find them), no refund. If you're not willing to take any risks - contact me before I ship out an item and we'll sort out the insurance.
● If you have any issues with me or with my items - please contact me BEFORE leaving bad feedback. If you leave bad feedback I can choose to stop replying and sorting out the issue.

♥ All pieces are made with love and care and if treated so will outlast us all! ♥

Thanks for reading! ^^ <3



After you contact me, we decide on the design, I check materials, give a rough estimate.
I take half of the item's price upfront. Second payment + shipping after you confirm photos of the finished garment.
If you cancel the commission, material cost or 5% are non-refundable (subject to specific commission).

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