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Fall back down. Currently closing commissions.

Hey, ladies ^^ How have you been? Enjoying holidays? :)

As per usual, I've been terribly absent in updates due to the amount of works that I've had. I really should keep away from saying "yes" all the time :/ But I haven' t abandoned crafting - I just finished on my very first bridal set (it won't the "the dress", but a.. reception dress (?) of sorts :) I' m really unfamiliar with the marriage traditions in Israel :) ) and I'm hoping that the customer will like it (the set is on it's way to the owner and the wait is nerve-wracking as always). You can observe some of the WIP and detail photos on the facebook page.

I'll be closing commissioning for a while. I've noticed that it's really taking a toll on the shop, my future plans for it (do I hear prints?) and any other unfinished projects I have. It will be for indefinite time, not forever, but don't count on this year. I have ideas of semi-commissions that I may uptake, but let's leave guessing for the gypsies :)

For nicer news, EMIM has had some lovely highlights coming up.
As I mentioned in my earlier post - the singer Kosha (Anita Intaite) wanted to continue to work with me and just today she had a photoshoot with one of my latest classic pieces. I don' t have any photos since it happened just today, but be sure to check back, because I'll be adding them, once I have them :)
Also, I've given some of my crafted pieces for a photo-shoot for one of the local tween magazines. It would be my very first publication! I can't wait for it to get printed! :)

Now for less-EMIM related stuff (and more pointless blurb). As some of you might know (if you're on my Wishing Well tumbrl) I' m on this odd quest of lolita-dom and a while back I was really sure that I've had a really big step from the moment I started (wearing/collecting/living) lolita to the point of January 2012 (roughly a year). I had collected a tiny amount of lolita/lolitable clothes that I wore daily, but were hardly enough to ensure versatility, but I was happy and content. Maybe it's all the recent stress and mental unease, but I really feel I need to re-discover lolita again. I feel uninspired now as opposed to when I started. I feel that my items are far too casual for me now, for most part I look like Mary Poppins on weed or an old bird lady of sorts (Cat lady, for sure) rather than lolita. I've discovered Mori girl and Dolly kei a while back and I feel it has inspired me more. I love the forest feel and I'd like to keep it, but I feel I'm drifting away from lolita too much.
For one, I feel I need a change of wardrobe. I've promised to make myself several classic brand replicas, but, as I put my clients before my wardrobe, that has been neglected for way too long.
I need to get rid of the sweeter stuff, too. Whenever I wear the mint blouse I'm constantly afraid of making it dirty, not to mention the light blue Nadia skirt. That has to go (I'm hoping for a trade to the brown version, though... fat chance of that, but I' ll give it a try).
I'm in desperate need of new underthings. My only bloomers are starting to fall apart and they're far from the color they used to be. and the two underskirts that I constantly use are looking very, VERY sad. Good thing that the summer's coming, I'll be able to change those to the petticoat (I wear the underskirts because they're warmer than petti).
Also - hair situation! I have a 20's bob in the making (I need to grow it a little and cut bangs) and I'm currently pondering on coloring it. I've grown out my natural hair color (gray brown, the typical Northern European Caucasian color) and I'm trying to figure out if I'll be able to keep up with dyeing my roots if I color it in richer brown or black or should I just bring back some unnatural colors to my head (I'm thinking of some tiny streaks or royal blue under the bangs, so that to color would peep out from under my real hair, I've been very fond of a wig I own in a similar color distribution.)

I've been hoping to get a camera (at least a used one) this month because I' m in desperate need of one. Since I moved I don't have access to the camera I used to have (hence lack of shop/picture updates) plus I've been wanting to start a vlog thingy, but the previous one didn't have recording option :/ So fingers crossed.

I haven't forgotten about the tutorials I promised, It's just the lack of time and camera (I know it's an excuse that's getting old, but there's no way of getting around it, plus I' m still learning to manage my time correctly (if you have tips, please do share!)).
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