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Feature, photoshoot and vacation! :)

I've once again been rather scarce with my updates, I'm terribly sorry :C I want to share my last couple of features (about which you might already know ^^;)
The classic ensemble from the "Gambler's night" event worn by actress Inita Dzelme:

Also, I got a little feature in Kawaii World blog -> http://kawaiii-world.blogspot.com/
Be sure to check out her other entries, she has other cool features, too! ^^ It in Spanish (as far as I can tell), though ^^;

I just received a proposition to use my works in a concert for one of our late musicians - Martins Freimanis (he died just last year, but was quite popular). It's quite humbling to receive such offers. It's really great, but I try to keep in mind that people might not be as accurate with the garments as I am. Since it's a concert, there might be a lot of sweating also, etc.. I'm really weary or such stuff and, frankly, don't know if I want to give them away. They did promise a letter of guarantee, but still, you know? ^^; Maybe I'm just too "buttoned up" >_>

I did a Rococo Fairytale themed photoshoot with Annija Pumpure and a couple of young musicians - Katrina and Kaspars as models (make up by Anete Rancane). It was real fun, Annija actually got us to use the Birinu palace as the shooting place, it was really cool, the interior is really pretty.
It was also my very first try at making a Rococo hair do, lol :D I think I did quite well. I didn't think I'd manage, but it was surprisingly easy, aside from the side curls, that didn't want to be as crisp :/ Oh well.. Better luck next time ^^;

For more pics, visit my facebook :)

I finally put up my Rococo lolita dress up at DeviantArt (which seemed almost abandoned) and it had apparently been on the front page from all the traffic it has been getting! I've officially broken all of my personal records! It has over a thousand favorites and the view count is mind blowing o_o I really never thought that the dress will be so loved aside from me and the owner :) Really nice to get a big-ass appreciation stamp on my forehead, lol :D I just hope I won't be getting big-headed. I've had my ego and self-love get in the way of my own success, so I have to be weary. Do let me know when I start to turn into a bitch :D (seriously, though)

For other news, I've just finished another Rococo-inspired skirt. It's the print that reminds me of Rococo, the design is rather simple :) Lots of pleats. It actually reminds me a bit of the Juliette et Justine, because of how the pleats fall and make the print look a lot busier than it actually is.

You can't really see it, though ^^;
Also, been experimenting with backgrounds. I've gotten a lot of commentary that the black and white striped background is a bit too much, so I'm hoping this would be better. Please, do share your opinion! ^^

Also, I feel kind of obliged to mention, that by the end of next week I'll be on vacation for two weeks, so the shop and most of my internet activity will be halted. Be aware.
For those, who don't know - I'm going to New York and I'm freaking out, because it's my very first cross-continental journey! :O I have so much stuff to see and flying_glove to meet! ^^ <3 I really hope that I catch sight of some other local lolitas <3 I'm probably going with all my loli gear (well, the scarce one, I have, lol), but I'm kind of weary and scared since the place that I'm staying is in Bronx and I've heard it's not really where you want to find yourself wandering around.
Oh! And I wondered if there are any nice thrift shops in NY? It'll probably be wandering around Bronx and Manhattan areas (seeing the usual tourist-y things) so it you have any spots in mind, that I should go to, be sure to share ^^
I think that's all for now ^^ Will be listing couple of things on etsy shortly, so do check in a while ^^

Toodles! <3
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